D: Alex Proyas
Summit/Escape Artists/DMG (Alex Proyas, Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal & Steve Tisch)
US/UK 2009
121 mins
Science Fiction/Thriller
W: Ryne Douglas Pearson, Juliet Snowden & Stiles White
DP: Simon Duggan
Ed: Richard Learoyd
Mus: Marco Beltrami
Nicolas Cage (Prof. John Koestler), Rose Byrne (Diana Wayland), Chandler Cantlebury (Caleb Koestler), Lara Robinson (Lucinda Embry), Ben Mendlesohn (Prof. Phil Beckman), Nadia Townsend (Grace Koestler)
A father becomes obsessed with a mathematical formula which appears to predict impending natural disasters and the end of humanity.
The first half of the movie begins quite promisingly, but Nicolas Cage's cheesy acting, some atrocious CGI visual effects and a pathetically bad ending lets it all go South. Somewhere in the writing, there was a good idea for a disaster flick in the vein of The Medusa Touch (qv), unfortunately it all got chewed up and spewed out as some form of propaganda for the Scientology cult. It's a small miracle that Tom Cruise or John Travolta didn't take on the lead role themselves.

Nicolas Cage in Knowing
Nicolas Cage in Knowing