King Ralph

D: David S. Ward
Universal/Mirage (Jack Brodsky)
US/UK 1991
97 mins
W: David S. Ward [based on the novel "Headlong" by Emlyn Williams]
DP: Kenneth MacMillan
Ed: John Jympson
Mus: James Newton Howard
PD: Simon Holland
John Goodman (Ralph Hampton Gainesworth Jones), Peter O'Toole (Sir Cedric Charles Willingham), John Hurt (Lord Percival Graves), Camille Coduri (Miranda Greene), Richard Griffiths (Duncan Phipps), Joely Richardson (Princess Anna), Julian Glover (King Gustav of Finland)
After the entire Royal Family are killed in an accident, the only living heir to the throne is Ralph, a slobby American bar singer with no knowledge of British tradition or grace. The Prime Minister then attempts to undermine him and embroil him in a sex scandal so he can claim the throne for himself.
While this comedy isn't blessed with the funniest of screenplays, John Goodman's flamboyance and chutzpah gives the film some funny moments. It's a bit insulting to UK audiences, whose culture it heavily lampoons, but won't cause any offence if taken with a pinch of salt.

John Goodman in King Ralph
John Goodman in King Ralph