An ancient sport becomes a deadly game
An ancient sport becomes a deadly game


D: Mark DiSalle & David Worth
Kings Road (Mark DiSalle)
US 1989
103 mins
W: Glenn Bruce
DP: Jon Kranhouse
Ed: Wayne Wahrman
Mus: Paul Hertzog

Jean Claude Van Damme (Kurt Sloane), Dennis Alexio (Eric Sloane), Dennis Chan (Xian Chow), Michel Qissi (Tong Po), Ka Ting Lee (Freddy Li), Rochelle Ashana (Mylee)
On one hand, Kickboxer is the type of action film which every teenage boy will enjoy, on the other, both time and increased maturity have not been kind to this JCVD blockbuster, which isn't much better than TV movie standard. It's still quite fun to see the high-kicking Belgian take up the martial art to avenge his brother's defeat and subsequent crippling at the hands of a brutal Thai fighter, but it's also so ridiculously cheesy, that it verges on impossible to take the film seriously.