The January Man

What a way to start the year
What a way to start the year


D: Pat O'Connor 
US 1989
UIP/MGM (Norman Jewison & Ezra Swerdlow)
97 mins


W: John Patrick Shanley
DP: Jerzy Zielinski
Ed: Lou Lombardo
Mus: Marvin Hamlisch

Kevin Kline (Lt. Nick Starkey), Susan Sarandon (Christine Starkey), Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (Bernadette Flynn), Harvey Keitel (Frank Starkey), Danny Aiello (Capt. Vincent Alcoa), Rod Steiger (Mayor Eamon Flynn), Alan Rickman (Ed)

A run-of-the-mill serial killer thriller suddenly becomes a slapstick comedy in the final half-hour. It's a blend of filmmaking styles which simply doesn't work and considering the talent involved in the production the end result is quite embarrassing. 
Amongst the worst films of 1989.

Kevin Kline in The January Man
Kevin Kline in The January Man