Jumpin' Jack Flash


D: Penny Marshall
20th Century Fox (Lawrence Gordon & Joel Silver)
US 1988
100 mins
W: David Franzoni, J. W. Melville, Patricia Irving & Christopher Thompson
DP: Matthew F. Leonetti
Ed: Mark Goldblatt
Mus: Thomas Newman
Whoopi Goldberg (Terry Doolittle), Jonathan Pryce (Jack), Stephen Collins (Marty Phillips), John Wood (Jeremy Talbot), Carol Kane (Cynthia)
Increasing silly and tiresome comedy vehicle starring Whoopi Goldberg as a kooky office worker who gets entangled in espionage.
The comedy swings into a wacky stand up comedy routine for its star on too many occasions and it's not particularly funny.
Average entertainment, carried only by Whoopi Goldberg's enthusiasm.
Whoops Goldberg in Jumpin' Jack Flash
Whoops Goldberg in Jumpin' Jack Flash