Joe's Apartment

Sex, Bugs, Rock 'n Roll
Sex, Bugs, Rock 'n Roll
D: John Payson
Warner Bros./Geffen/MTV (Diana Phillips & Bonni Lee)
US 1996
80 mins


W: John Payson [based on his short film screenplay]
DP: Peter Deming
Ed: Peter Frank
Mus: Carter Burwell

Jerry O'Connell (Joe), Megan Ward (Lily), Jim Turner (Walter Shit), Jim Sterling (Jesus Bianco), Robert Vaughn (Senator Dougherty)

One-joke comedy which may have worked better as an MTV short, but as a feature it's stretched well beyond breaking point.
Jerry O'Connell moves into a new apartment which he must share with hundreds of singing & dancing cockroaches. He also has problems with his evil landlord and his prissy girlfriend, but who cares?
At 80 minutes it's pretty short for a feature film, but considering its story (or lack of) it's still 60 minutes too long.

Jerry O'Connell in Joe's Apartment
Jerry O'Connell in Joe's Apartment