Jersey Girl

He wanted it all... but he got more than he bargained for
He wanted it all... but he got more than he bargained for


D: Kevin Smith
Miramax/View Askew (Scott Mosier)
US 2004
102 mins
W: Kevin Smith
DP: Vilmos Zsigmond 
Ed: Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier
Mus: James Venable
Ben Affleck (Ollie Trinke), Liv Tyler (Maya Harding), Raquel Castro (Gertie Trinke) George Carlin (Bart Trinke), Stephen Root (Greenie), Mike Starr (Block), Jennifer Lopez (Gertie Steiney)
Kevin Smith's first film not to feature cameos from the characters Jay & Silent Bob seems to prove how much the writer-director relies on "stoner humour".
Starring Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez when they were in a relationship together and fresh off the set of the terrible Gigli (qv) wasn't the smartest casting decision either. 
Affleck plays a PR man who struggles to raise his daughter alone following the death of her mother, and, after having a breakdown where he criticises one of his clients, is fired from his firm. 
Several years pass and he develops a relationship with the sexually liberal Liv Tyler, who inspires him to return to a career he once loved.
This film is by far one of the weakest films from Kevin Smith, lacking memorable characters or dialogue which made his previous films so fun to watch. Ben Affleck doesn't help either, with a half-arsed performance and very little chemistry with either of his romantic interests. Still, at least it's better than Gigli.
Ben Affleck & Liv Tyler in Jersey Girl
Ben Affleck & Liv Tyler in Jersey Girl