Jennifer's Body

She's evil... and not just high school evil
She's evil... and not just high school evil
D: Karyn Kasuma
20th Century Fox/Fox Atomic (Jason Reitman, Daniel Dubiecki & Mason Novick)
US 2009
102 mins
W: Diablo Cody
DP: M. David Mullen
Ed: Plummy Tucker
Mus: Stephen Barton & Theodore Shapiro 
Megan Fox (Jennifer Check), Amanda Seyfried (Anita 'Needy' Lesnicki), J.K. Simmons (Mr. Wroblewski), Amy Sedaris (Toni Lesnicki), Adam Brody (Nikolai)
Talentless whore Megan Fox plays talentless whore Jennifer, a supposedly average high school chick who becomes possessed by rock music and goes on a killing spree.
Written by Diablo Cody, a former-stripper who won an Oscar for Juno because she writes dialogue for teens so they all talk like former strippers trying to make it in Hollywood.
As for the movie itself, there's more than enough pictures of Megan Fox being a slut on the internet.  I practically spent the entire movie wondering which Hollywood executive Megan Fox is related to, since her acting talent is so bad she must surely have had nepotism to thank for her career.
Also, can Amanda Seyfried fuck off for a couple of years??? I'm getting sick of seeing her in nearly everything.

Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body
Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body