Jack Frost

He's the world's coolest dad & he's gonna prove it
He's the world's coolest dad & he's gonna prove it


D: Troy Miller
Warner Bros. (Irving Azoff & Mark Canton)
US 1998
101 mins
W: Mark Steven Johnson, Steve Bloom & Jonathan Roberts
DP: Laszlo Kovacs
Ed: Lawrence Jordan
Mus: Trevor Rabin
PD: Mayne Berke
Michael Keaton (Jack Frost), Kelly Preston (Gabby Frost), Mark Addy (Mac MacArthur), Joseph Cross (Charlie Frost), Andy Lawrence (Tuck Gronic) 
Michael Keaton slums in this family movie about a musician who is reincarnated as a snowman so he can continue being a father to his kids.
Undemanding children may enjoy it, but it really lacks enough magic for anyone else to immerse themselves into. The special effects aren't that great and it's all rather derivative of Raymond Briggs' story The Snowman, although it lacks all the charm.
Not to be confused with a 1997 film of the same name, which is a horror movie and totally inappropriate for children.
Jack Frost
Jack Frost