The Interpreter

D: Sydney Pollack
Universal/Working Title/Mirage (Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner & Kevin Misher)
US/UK/Germany 2005
128 mins


W: Charles Randolph, Scott Frank & Steven Zaillian 
DP: Darius Khondji
Ed: William Goldenberg
Mus: James Newton Howard
PD: Jon Hutman

Nicole Kidman (Silvia Broome), Sean Penn (Tobin Keller), Catherine Keener (Dot Woods)

Nicole Kidman plays Silvia Broome, an interpreter for the United Nations who thinks she is above the law when her politician husband is abducted, putting herself and others in danger with her impulsive actions as she flies completely off the handle to track down those responsible.
Perhaps it would be easier to sympathise with her character if she didn't swan around like her shit didn't stink, but her performance is so smug that you'll be forgiven for rooting for the bad guys. Amongst the biggest disappointments of 2005 and a film which Nicole Kidman needs to remove from her resumé, her performance (and accent) is absolutely terrible.

Sean Penn & Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter
Sean Penn & Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter