The International

D: Tom Tykwer
Columbia/Relativity Media/Atlas (Charles Roven, Richard Suckle & Lloyd Phillips)
US/Germany 2009
113 mins


W: Eric Warren Singer
DP: Frank Griebe
Ed: Mathilde Bonnefoy
Mus: Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil
PD: Uli Hanisch
Cos: Ngila Dickson

Clive Owen (Louis Salinger), Naomi Watts (Eleanor Whitman), Armin Mueller-Stahl (Wilhelm Wexler), Ulrich Thomsen (Jonas Skarssen)

Listing Clive Owen & Naomi Watts above the title is a bit of a tease, since the two stars share very little screen time together, and though the opening act may drag this becomes a nerve-shredding, realistic thriller of politics and espionage.
Owen plays interpol agent Louis Salinger, who is determined to uncover an international arms dealing ring with the assistance of Naomi Watts' assistant DA.
Watts' faith in Owen diminishes when his shady past overshadows their operation thrusting the two into a game of corruption, murder and suspense.
A shootout inside an art museum is a scene worth waiting for as Clive Owen demonstrates the ability that he would have been a great choice for James Bond before that role was handed to Daniel Craig.

Clive Owen & Naomi Watts in The International
Clive Owen & Naomi Watts in The International