In Time

IN TIME (12)
D: Andrew Niccol
20th Century Fox/New Regency/Strike (Andrew Niccol, Marc Abraham, Amy Israel, Kristel Laiblin & Eric Newman)
US 2011
109 mins

Science Fiction/Action/Thriller

W: Andrew Niccol
DP: Roger Deakins
Ed: Zach Staenberg
Mus: Craig Armstrong

Justin Timberlake (Will Salas), Amanda Seyfried (Sylvia Wells), Cillian Murphy (Raymond Leon), Alex Pettyfer (Fortis), Matt Bomer (Henry Hamilton), Olivia Wilde (Rachel Salas), Johnny Galecki (Borel)

A unique, futuristic twist on Robin Hood-Bonnie & Clyde folklore from Andrew Niccol, writer of Gattaca & The Truman Show, amongst others.
Set in the near future where humans are genetically-engineered to no longer age, instead their lives are dependent on the currency of time, a digital timer on their wrists, counting down by the second. The super-rich have decades, whilst the poorer people have mere hours, creating a huge segregation in society. 
When he has a great deal of time given to him by a depressed playboy, Will (Timberlake), travels through the timezones to experience how the richer half of the populace live, but arouses suspicion from police officers, named 'timekeepers', who suspect him of foul play. He goes on the run with a rich businessman's daughter, robbing 'timebanks' to give more life to those who need it most.
Though the concept is original, it also has many flaws and lacks feasibility, even in the genre of science fiction. Justin Timberlake emerges as a promising new action hero, but Amanda Seyfried is terribly miscast. Good entertainment, though if it emerged from the mind of Philip K. Dick it may have had the potential to be much better.
Amanda Seyfried & Justin Timberlake in In Time
Amanda Seyfried & Justin Timberlake in In Time