In the Soup

D: Alexandre Rockwell
Will Alliance/Pandora/Why Not/Odessa/Alta/Mikado (Jim Stark & Hank Blumenthal)
US/Japan/Germany/France 1992
93 mins


W: Alexandre Rockwell
DP: Phil Parmet
Ed: Dana Congdon
Mus: Mader

Steve Buscemi (Adolpho Rollo), Seymour Cassel (Joe), Jennifer Beals (Angelica Pena), Will Patton (Skippy), Jim Jarmusch (Monty), Sam Rockwell (Paulie)

A cult indie black comedy with Steve Buscemi & Seymour Cassel on top form. Buscemi plays a budding screenwriter and director obsessed with making his pretentious 500-page screenplay and finally gets the backing from local mobster Cassel, who uses Buscemi as an accessory to gain the funds by illicit means.
Though the story may owe a little inspirational debt to Neil Simon's The Odd Couple it sure is a must-watch for budding filmmakers.
Seymour Cassel absolutely steals the movie, which also features an impressive acting performance from Jennifer Beals.

Steve Buscemi in In the Soup
Steve Buscemi in In the Soup