In the Mouth of Madness

D: John Carpenter 
New Line (Sandy King)
US 1995
95 mins


W: Michael DeLuca
DP: Gary B. Kibbe
Ed: Edward Warschilka
Mus: John Carpenter & Jim Lang

Sam Neill (John Trent), Julie Carmen (Linda Styles), Jürgen Prochnow (Sutter Cane), Charlton Heston (Jackson Harglow), David Warner (Dr. Wrenn)

Insurance agent Sam Neill investigates the disappearance of a best-selling horror novelist in a small town, but soon experiences nightmarish visions and discovers that he can't seem to escape beyond the town borders.
It soon emerges that those who have read the novelists books begin to lose their sanity.
Twilight Zone stuff, far from director John Carpenter's best works, although there are some good visual effects and some effectively creepy moments, though it's not especially memorable.

Sam Neill in In the Mouth of Madness
Sam Neill in In the Mouth of Madness