In the Loop

Things are about to spin out of control
Things are about to spin out of control
D: Armando Ianucci
Optimum/IFC/BBC (Adam Tandy & Kevin Loader)
UK 2009
109 mins


W: Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell, Armando Ianucci & Tony Roche [based on the BBC television series "The Thick Of It"]
DP: Jamie Cairney
Ed: Ant Boys & Billy Sneddon

Peter Capaldi (Malcolm Tucker), Tom Hollander (Simon Foster), Gina McKee (Judy Malloy), James Gandolfini (Lt. Gen. George Miller), Chris Addison (Toby Wright)

Perhaps it's necessary to have seen the BBC satire 'The Thick Of It' to fully appreciate this big-screen transition. It also helps if you're politically inclined, or at least have a fair understanding.
If not, it's still possible to enjoy the cynical characters spouting their acerbic dialogue, especially from actor Peter Capaldi, who steals every single moment of this film. Some people won't get it, but others will find it absolutely hilarious.

Peter Capaldi in In The Loop
Peter Capaldi in In The Loop