In the Cut

D: Jane Campion
Pathé (Laurie Parker & Nicole Kidman)
US/Australia 2003
119 mins


W: Jane Campion & Susanna Moore [based on the novel by Susanna Moore]
DP: Dion Beebe
Ed: Alexandre de Francheschi
Mus: Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson

Meg Ryan (Frannie Avery), Mark Ruffalo (Det. Giovanni Malloy), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Pauline), Nick Damici (Det. Richard Rodriguez)

Meg Ryan's first film after becoming "cosmetically enhanced" is a rather convuluted, sometimes pretentious attempt at a feminist spin on a serial killer film.
The performances are generally decent and the cinematography is outstanding, taking on a modern film noir style and there's some red-hot erotic scenes which brought about a lot of controversy at the time of release (including an incredibly graphic scene where fellatio is being performed), but the final result isn't particularly remarkable or especially memorable. Still, it's worth a one-off viewing.

Mark Ruffalo & Meg Ryan in In The Cut
Mark Ruffalo & Meg Ryan in In The Cut