I Love You To Death

D: Lawrence Kasdan
Columbia Tristar/Chestnut Hill (Jeffrey Lurie & Ron Moler)
US 1990
97 mins


W: John Kostmayer
DP: Owen Roizman
Ed: Anne V. Coates
Mus: James Horner
PD: Lilly Kilvert

Kevin Kline (Joey Boca), Tracey Ullman (Rosalie Boca), Joan Plowright (Nadja), River Phoenix (Devo Nod), William Hurt (Harlan James), Keanu Reeves (Marlon James), James Gammon (Lt. Larry Schooner), Heather Graham (Bridget)

Kevin Kline follows up his Oscar winning turn in A Fish Called Wanda with this black comedy about an adulterous pizza shop owner whose jealous wife attempts to murder him after discovering his infidelities, but finds him almost impossible to kill after all her, her mother's and a young admirer's attempts on his life fail.
All the performances are generally decent but the script becomes desperately unfunny in the final half following a promising opening. Supposedly based on a true story, there was genuine promise in the plot, and could have been a great deal better. It won't bore you to death, but if you were to fall asleep watching, you wouldn't miss much.

Kevin Kline & River Phoenix in I Love You To Death
Kevin Kline & River Phoenix in I Love You To Death