D: Allen Coulter

Miramax/Focus Features/Back Lot (Glenn Williamson)

US 2006

127 mins


W: Paul Bernbaum

DP: Jonathan Freeman

Ed: Michael Berenbaum

Mus: Marcelo Zavros

PD: Leslie McDonald

Cos: Julie Weiss

Adrien Brody (Louis Zimo), Ben Affleck (George Reeves), Diane Lane (Toni Mannix), Bob Hoskins (Eddie Mannix), Robin Tunney (Leonore Lemmon)

Hollywoodland blends fact and fiction as an unscrupulous private investigator, Louis Zimo (Adrien Brody) takes on a case to look closer into the apparent suicide of the actor who played TV's Superman, George Reeves. 

Ben Affleck gives one of his finest acting performances as George Reeves, who dreamt of Hollywood stardom following his film debut in Gone With The Wind, only to find himself typecast after stepping into the Man Of Steel's costume for the incredibly popular serial. Even an affair with a studio head's wife doesn't help his career and his life eventually descends into depression.

The circumstances of the mysterious death are left ambiguous, as the film parallels both storylines as a parable for chasing an unobtainable dream.


Ben Affleck in Hollywoodland
Ben Affleck in Hollywoodland