Her Alibi

Falling for a beautiful woman can be murder!
Falling for a beautiful woman can be murder!
D: Bruce Beresford
Warner Bros. (Keith Barish)
US 1989
94 mins
W: Charlie Peters
DP: Freddie Francis
Ed: Anne Goursaud
Mus: Georges Delerue
Tom Selleck (Phil Blackwood), Paulina Porzikova (Nina), William Daniels (Sam), James Farentino (Frank), Hurd Hatfield (Troppa)

Aside from Three Men & A Baby, Tom Selleck's film career never really took off following his breakthrough performance on the TV show Magnum P.I., perhaps it didn't help when he starred in films like this.
He plays a thriller writer who provides a false alibi to a beautiful woman accused of murder and finds himself doubting his actions.
It's not a terrible film, but is incredibly miscast, especially with the female lead who doesn't provide Selleck with any great dialogue, conflict or even chemistry between the two characters which the story desperately needed.

Tom Selleck in Her Alibi
Tom Selleck in Her Alibi