Heaven & Earth

D: Oliver Stone
Warner Bros./Regency/Canal/Alcor (Oliver Stone, Arnon Milchan, Robert Kline & A. Kitman Ho)
US 1993
140 mins


W: Oliver Stone [based on the books 'When Heaven & Earth Changed Place' & 'Child Of War, Woman Of Peace' by Le Ly Hayslip, Jay Wurts & James Hayslip]
DP: Robert Richardson
Ed: David Brenner & Sally Menke
Mus: Kitaro
PD: Victor Kempster

Tommy Lee Jones (Steve Butler), Joan Chen (Mama), Haing S. Ngor (Papa), Hiep Thi Le (Le Ly), Debbie Reynolds (Eugenia)

The third film of Oliver Stone's "Vietnam Trilogy", following Platoon & Born On The Fourth Of July, stars Tommy Lee Jones as a soldier who takes his Vietnamese bride Joan Chen back to America following the conflict, but she struggles to settle into her new country however as Jones himself returns to his homeland a very changed man.
Good acting and cinematography make this drama worth watching, but the film is a slight disappointment following Stone's previous films based on the same subjects.         

Heaven & Earth
Heaven & Earth