Hawk the Slayer

D: Terry Marcel
ITC/Chips (Harry Robertson)
UK 1980
93 mins
W: Terry Marcel & Harry Robertson
DP: Paul Beeson
Ed: Eric Boyd-Perkins
Mus: Harry Robertson
John Terry (Hawk), Jack Palance (Voltan), Bernard Bresslaw (Gort), Ray Charleson (Crow)
Ropey British-made sword & sorcery yarn with about as much fantasy or adventure as a documentary about fungus. 
The hero of the piece, Hawk, does happen to wield an awesome looking sword though, featuring a fist clutching an emerald on pommel of the hilt, and uses it to fight bad guy Jack Palance. Aside from that, it's all rather forgettable, with some truly awful special effects and a ghastly music score.

Hawk the Slayer
Hawk the Slayer