Hard To Kill

D: Bruce Malmuth
Warner Bros. (Gary Adelson, Joel Simon & Bill Todman, Jr.)
US 1990
96 mins
W: Steve McKay
DP: Matthew F. Leonetti
Ed: John F. Link
Mus: David Michael Frank
Steven Seagal (Mason Storm), Kelly LeBrock (Andy Stewart), William Sadler (Senator Vernon Trent), Frederick Coffin (Lt. Kevin O'Malley)
During Oscars night (seriously), L.A. cop Mason Storm (seriously) is beaten to near death when his family is brutally murdered. He revives from a seven-year coma looking like Chewbacca (seriously) and seeks revenge on the corrupt politician, crooked cops and hoodlums who wronged him. He wastes no time about it either, kicking ass and getting back to martial arts training almost immediately after achieving consciousness, just like in real life (sarcasm).
Plenty of action with a high body count, the only thing it's missing is brains.

Steven Seagal in Hard To Kill
Steven Seagal in Hard To Kill