Hard Target

Don't hunt what you can't kill
Don't hunt what you can't kill
D: John Woo
UIP/Alphaville/Renaissance (James Jacks & Sean Daniel)
US 1993
97 mins
W: Chuck Pfarrer
DP: Russell Carpenter
Ed: Bob Murawski
Mus: Graeme Revell
Jean Claude Van Damme (Chance Boudreaux), Lance Henriksen (Emil Fouchon), Yancy Butler (Nat Binder), Arnold Vosloo (Pik Van Cleef), Kasi Lemmons (May Mitchell)
Standard action nonsense from the early 1990's. Sporting long hair and a Cajun accent, Van Damme plays drifter Chance Boudreaux, who assists a woman looking for her missing father who turns up dead, the prey of a vicious bloodsport arranged by a local man of wealth, who has chosen Boudreaux as his next target.
It's a rather unremarkable spin on an idea used in The Most Dangerous Game, And Then There Were None and countless others, moderately entertaining though with an unintentionally hilarious ending where bad guy Henriksen finally gets his comeuppance.
This provided Hong Kong's influential director John Woo's Hollywood debut and while it gave him a chance to cut his teeth, it's not amongst his best work. 

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Hard Target
Jean-Claude Van Damme in Hard Target