D: Peter Berg
Columbia/Relativity Media/Overbrook (Akiva Goldsman, Michael Mann, James Lassiter & Will Smith)
US 2008
92 mins
W: Vy Vincent Ngo & Vince Gilligan
DP: Tobias Schliessler
Ed: Paul Rubell & Colby Parker, Jr.
Mus: John Powell
Will Smith (John Hancock), Charlize Theron (Mary Embrey), Jason Bateman (Ray Embrey), Eddie Marsan (Kenneth 'Red' Parker)
The first half of the movie was a very interesting premise about lonely, alcoholic superhero, John Hancock, whose crime-fighting and life-saving exploits often cause more damage and harm than the good intentions deserve, leaving him unappreciated by the residents of Los Angeles until they realise they do need him. Unfortunately, it all falls apart after an unexpected twist, which though unpredictable, makes little to no sense and makes the film a load of mumbo-jumbo, stuck in-between genres and without a real identity of what kind of film it wants to be. There was a promising idea here, it's a shame the weak third act was such a huge let down.

Will Smith in Hancock
Will Smith in Hancock