Hamburger Hill

D: John Irvin
RKO (Marcia Nasatir)
US 1987
110 mins
W: Jim Carabatsos
DP: Peter MacDonald
Ed: Peter Tanner
Mus: Philip Glass
Tegan West (Terry Eden), Steven Weber (Dennis Worcester), Dylan McDermott (Adam Frantz), Don James (Elliott McDaniel), Courtney B. Vance (Abraham 'Doc' Johnson), Don Cheadle (David Washburn)
Conventional war movie about a rookie platoon on duty in Vietnam, charged with the mission of taking the hill of the title.
A rather run-of-the-mill plot is set aside from mundanity by good direction from John Irvin, making the film a metaphor for pointless obsession in the name of duty rather than just another standard routine flagwaver.

The cast of Hamburger Hill
The cast of Hamburger Hill