Half Nelson

D: Ryan Fleck
Axiom (Jamie Patricof, Alex Orlovsky, Lynette Howell, Anna Bodem & Rosanne Korenberg)
US 2006
106 mins


W: Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden
DP: Andrij Parekh
Ed: Anna Boden

Ryan Gosling (Dan Dunne), Shareeka Epps (Drey), Anthony Mackie (Frank)

Ryan Gosling delivers an exceptional performance as a drug-addicted teacher who becomes an important role model in a young black student's life. 
Aside from the good performances, the movie is rather maudlin and manipulative.  He's a druggie who can't kick his habit, and doesn't seem to want to either, but it's okay because he's teaching civil rights to a class of black students.
It's just not Stand & Deliver.

Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson
Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson