Good Boys

You must be this tall to see this movie
You must be this tall to see this movie


D: Gene Stupnitsky

Universal/Good Universe/Point Grey/Quantity (Lee Eisenberg, Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen & James Weaver)

USA 🇺🇸 2019

89 mins


W: Lee Eisenberg & Gene Stupnitsky

DP: Jonathan Furmanski

Ed: Daniel Gaby

Mus: Lyle Workman

Jacob Tremblay (Max), Keith L. Williams (Lucas), Brady Noon (Thor), Molly Gordon (Hannah), Midori Francis (Lilly), Millie Davis (Brixlee)

You can normally judge a comedy by its opening joke, and this one has a father discussing masturbation with his pre-teenage son... so this is where we're at with modern Hollywood stoner comedies.

The remainder of the plot is a six-grade reworking of Superbad, with three adolescents dropping F-bombs as they evade the police, believing that they're in possession of Class A drugs that they stole from a group of girls that they have crushes on.

I really don't get this coming-of-age movie. The humour is far too age inappropriate for what would be its target demographic and the Superbad thing really has been done to death now. Booksmart, released the same year, also had a variation on the same plot and did it better.

Seth Rogen made a career out of playing the same character in a slew of films, and now seems intent on producing a series of films with the same basic plot. It just stopped being funny a long time ago.


Good Boys
Good Boys