Ghost Dad

D: Sidney Poitier
Universal (Terry Nelson)
USA 🇺🇸 1990
84 mins
W: Chris Reese, Brent Maddock & S. S. Wilson
DP: Andrew Laszlo
Ed: Pembroke Herring
Mus: Henry Mancini
Bill Cosby (Elliott Hopper), Kimberly Russell (Diane Hopper), Denise Nicholas (Joan), Ian Bannen (Edith), Christian Ebersole (Carol)       
Bill Cosby does his usual act in this sentimental comedy about a businessman father who is involved in a traffic accident and becomes a spirit only his children can see. Unfortunately, the jokes are as invisible as Cosby's character. Ian Bannen cameos as a character called Edith. That's about as funny as the whole thing gets.
The film was roundly panned by critics when it was originally released and wound up on many worst of 1990 lists. Rather harsh, considering this was the same year as Troll 2.

Ghost Dad
Ghost Dad