The Football Factory

What else are you gonna do on a Saturday?
What else are you gonna do on a Saturday?
D: Nick Love
Momentum/Vertigo/Rockstar (Allan Niblo & James Richardson)
UK 🇬🇧 2004
91 mins


W: Nick Love [based on the novel by John King]
DP: Damian Bromley
Ed: Stuart Gazzard
Mus: Ivor Guest

Danny Dyer (Tommy), Frank Harper (Billy), Tamer Hassan (Millwall Fred), Roland Manookian (Zeberdee), Neil Maskell (Rod)

Danny Dire (sic) plays a rogue cockney geezer who wiles away his time snorting Charlie, chugging a pint o'Nelson Mandela, shagging tarts and smashing the granny out of some faaaaacking mug on Saturday afternoons after watching his football team do their business.
Nick Love's nihilistic movie carries on the legacy left by Guy Ritchie's Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (qv) and sensationalises & glamourises football violence without saying anything particularly profound about the practice.
The movie is fit for parody, and has been several times, but for some reason a lot of people enjoyed it. I can't even class this as a sports movie, since it has fuck all to do with football.
A TV documentary called "The Real Football Factory" followed, where Danny Dyer would investigate real-life hooliganism, but this mostly consisted of him wearing tight jackets, sipping Corona with lime and shitting himself at any given opportunity.

The Football Factory
The Football Factory