Furry Vengeance

He came. He saw. They conquered.
He came. He saw. They conquered.
D: Roger Kumble
Summit/Participant Media (Robert Simonds & Keith Goldberg)
USA 🇺🇸 2010
92 mins
W: Michael Carnes & Josh Gilbert
DP: Peter Lyons Collister
Ed: Lawrence Jordan
Mus: Edward Shearmur

Brendan Fraser (Dan Sanders), Brooke Shields (Tammy Sanders), Matt Prokop (Tyler Sanders), Ken Jeong (Neil Lyman), Angela Kinsey (Felder)
Brendan Fraser plays a real estate developer who moves with his family from the big city to a rural community in Oregon where he oversees the building of a new housing complex.
The local wildlife, their habitat threatened by the build, decide to take revenge and start a war in the countryside cul-de-sac.
The premise alone tells you that this is one for a younger audience, ecological messages aren't really explored and it settles on juvenile slapstick which isn't particularly funny or engaging. Ample entertainment for pre-teens.
Furry Vengeance
Furry Vengeance