Danger. Desire. Desperation.
Danger. Desire. Desperation.
D: Roman Polanski
Warner Bros. (Thom Mount & Tim Hampton)
USA/France 🇺🇸 🇫🇷 1988
120 mins


W: Roman Polanski & Gerard Brach
DP: Witold Sobocinski
Ed: Sam O'Steen
Mus: Ennio Morricone

Harrison Ford (Dr. Richard Walker), Emmanuelle Seigner (Michelle), Betty Buckley (Sondra Walker), John Mahoney (Williams), Jimmy Ray Weeks (Shaap), David Huddleston (Peter)

Roman Polanski's attempt at a Hitchcockian style thriller, starring Harrison Ford as a cardiologist in Paris whose wife is kidnapped, leaving him trying to uncover those responsible for her disappearance and becoming embroiled with Arabic terrorists.
It's a pretty decent film but the familiar plot line has been done much better before and since, and Polanski's effort isn't particularly memorable despite the best efforts of a talented cast. A far cry from Chinatown.

Harrison Ford & Emmanuelle Seigner in Frantic
Harrison Ford & Emmanuelle Seigner in Frantic