Welcome to the future
Welcome to the future
D: Stuart Gordon
Village Roadshow (John Davis & John Flock)
Australia/USA 🇦🇺 🇺🇸 1992 (released 1993)
89 mins
Action/Science Fiction
W: Steve Feinberg, Troy Neighbors & Terry Curtis Fox
DP: David Eggby
Ed: Timothy Wellburn
Mus: Frederic Talghorn
Christopher Lambert (John Henry Brennick), Kurtwood Smith (Poe), Loryn Locklin (Karen), Lincoln Kilpatrick (Abraham), Jeffrey Combs (D-Day), Vernon Wells (Maddox)
Low-budget sci-fi hokum which sees Christopher Lambert locked up in a high security prison and plays out like a futuristic version of The Great Escape.
The story is decent, the acting okay, but come the halfway point it's clear to see how budgetary restraints stop the film's true potential from shining through. Still, for a B-movie, it's not at all bad.