Forever Young

Time waits for no man, but true love waits forever
Time waits for no man, but true love waits forever
D: Steve Miner
Warner Bros./Icon (Bruce Davey)
USA 🇺🇸 1992
102 mins
W: Jeffrey J. Abrams
DP: Russell Boyd
Ed: Jon Poll
Mus: Jerry Goldsmith
PD: Gregg Fonseca
Mel Gibson (Capt. Daniel McCormick), Jamie Lee Curtis (Claire Cooper), Elijah Wood (Nat Cooper), Isabel Glasser (Helen), George Wendt (Harry Finley), Joe Morton (Cooper)
Pleasant, old-fashioned romantic fantasy which sees Mel Gibson's aviator impulsively volunteer for a cryogenics experiment in 1939, mostly due to witnessing his fiancé involved in a car accident and not being able to bear her suffering in a coma.
He is awoken by two teenage boys in 1992 and struggles to acclimatise to the modern world, and soon discovers that the military are seeking him due to his participation in the top secret experiment.
It's by no means a bad film, and had the story been brought to the screen in the 1930's or 1940's, it may have been considered a fantasy classic alongside other films such as A Matter Of Life Or Death or Here Comes Mr. Jordan. A nice film, but incredibly slushy, with a very predictable ending.

Mel Gibson in Forever Young
Mel Gibson in Forever Young