FOCUS (15)

D: Glenn Ficarra & John Requa

Warner Bros/Ratpac-Dune/Overbrook (Denise DiNovi)

USA 🇺🇸 2015

104 mins


W: Glenn Ficarra & John Requa

DP: Xavier Perez Grobet

Ed: Jan Kovac

Mus: Nick Urata

Will Smith (Nicky Spurgeon), Margot Robbie (Jess Barrett), Rodrigo Santoro (Garriga), Gerald McRaney (Owens), B.D. Wong (Liyuan Tse)

A Thomas Crown Affair for the 21st century, pairing Will Smith and Margot Robbie as glamorous grifters involved in a high stakes hustle.

Amateur con artist Jess Barrett (Margot Robbie) has her wings clipped when seasoned pro Nicky Spurgeon (Will Smith) spots her hustle from a mile away and gives her some tricks of the trade so she can make some serious bucks. A romance develops between them only for him to cast her aside once her purpose has been fulfilled in a million dollar con.

They cross paths three years later, as they appear to be on rival sides of a scam involving the fortunes of formula one teams.

While this crime caper is reasonable fun, the big hustles do tend to trespass on the wrong side of suspension of disbelief, culminating in an ending which manages to be both convoluted and predictable.

Potential was there for this to be a much better film, but it isn't completely disappointing, it's simply that the romance element never seems to fit and always seems to be an intricate part of the con.


Will Smith & Margot Robbie in Focus
Will Smith & Margot Robbie in Focus