Fire in the Sky

D: Robert Lieberman
Paramount (Joe Wizan & Todd Black)
USA 🇺🇸 1993
109 mins
Science Fiction
W: Tracy Tormé [based on the book "The Walton Experience" by Travis Walton]
DP: Bill Pope
Ed: Steve Mirkovich 
Mus: Mark Isham
D.B. Sweeney (Travis Walton), Robert Patrick (Mike Rogers), Craig Sheffer (Allan Dallis), Peter Berg (David Whitlock), Henry Thomas (Gregg Hayes), James Garner (Lt. Frank Watters)
Based on a book which is itself supposedly based on a factual account of an abduction by aliens. 
The quality of the film is barely any better than a TV movie of the week without anything to really make it stand out and claims to be based on truth is incredibly far fetched. For those who'd believe it's story, it has quite a tale to tell, but would've probably reached a bigger audience if it were done as an episode of TV show The X-Files.

Fire in the Sky
Fire in the Sky