Final Score

35,000 lives. 90 minutes. No extra time.
35,000 lives. 90 minutes. No extra time.


D: Scott Mann

Lionsgate/Sky Cinema/Signature/Fyzz Facility/Highland Film Group/Saban (Dave Bautista, Wayne Marc Godfrey, Marc Goldberg, Robert Jones & Jonathan Meisner)

UK/USΒ πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§Β πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈΒ 2018

104 mins


W: David T. Lynch, Keith Lynch & Jonathan Frank

DP: Emil Topuzov

Ed: Robert Hall

Mus: James Edward Barker & Tim Despic

Dave Bautista (Michael Knox), Pierce Brosnan (Dimitri Belav), Ray Stevenson (Arkady Belav), Lara Peake (Danni), Ralph Brown (Cmmdr. Steed), Alexandra Dinu (Tatiana)

It all kicks off in this Die Hard style thriller which makes use of West Ham's former stadium at Upton Park prior to its demolition.

The plot is as old as the hills for this action subgenre, starring Dave Bautista as a soldier who takes his niece to a football match where a group of Russian terrorists subsequently hold the crowd hostage in exchange for a political dissident who is somewhere amongst the crowd.

The plot is ridiculous, the acting performances are ropey and the action set pieces can only be described as competent at best. The story also asks a little too much suspension of disbelief from the audience by proposing that West Ham United would be contesting in a semi-final of European Cup competition, even against a fictional opponent.

The match ends 2-1 and Dave Bautista saves the day, but I have to say that I've seen 0-0 draws that are more engaging.

Released direct to Sky TV in Britain, it's fair to say that this film came about 25 years too late. The Die Hard genre has been done to death and it just isn't exciting anymore. The plot is all the same, only the locations change.


Pierce Brosnan & Dave Bautista in Final Score
Pierce Brosnan & Dave Bautista in Final Score