D: Gerard Corbieu
Stephan/Alinea/Canal (Vera Belmont)
Belgium/Italy 🇧🇪 🇮🇹 1994
111 mins


W: Andre Corbieu, Gerard Corbieu & Marcel Bieulieu
DP: Walther Vanden
Ed: Joelle Hache
Mus: Christophe Rousset
PD: Gianni Quaranta

Stefano Dionisi (Carlo Maria Broschi), Enrico Lo Verso (Riccardo Broschi), Elsa Zylberstein (Alexandra), Caroline Cellier (Margaret Hunter), Jeroen Krabbe (George Frederic Handel)

Comparisons will certainly be made with 1984's Amadeus in this biopic of a high-pitched opera singer and his on-going feud with both his brother and the renowned composer Handel.
The film is packed with rich production design & costumes and inventive sound techniques creating the castrated opera star's authentic singing tones.
It's all rather over-the-top and quite camp, and certainly won't be for everyone's tastes.

Farinelli (Il Castrato)
Farinelli (Il Castrato)