Fahrenheit 9/11

FAHRENHEIT 9/11 (15)
D: Michael Moore
Lions Gate (Jim Czarnecki, Kathleen Glynn & Michael Moore)
USA 🇺🇸 2004
122 mins

DP: Mike Desjarlais
Ed: Kurt Engfehr, Christopher Seward & T. Woody Richman
Mus: Jeff Gibbs
Michael Moore's documentary is more of an attack of George W. Bush' presidential administration rather than an informative or educational account of the events of September 11th 2001.
Credit has to be given to the filmmaker for not shying away from the controversial in order to get his voice heard, but if you have little interest in American politics then it's all quite pointless to watch aside from a scene in which the former president squirms in front of a room full of school kids when he receives the news of the events in New York City on that fateful day. Personally, I think liberal Hollywood are a bit hypocritical for lauding praise on this, while at the same time shunning more conservative or Republican-leaning documentaries as mere propaganda. 

Fahrenheit 9/11
Fahrenheit 9/11