15 Minutes

America likes to watch
America likes to watch
15 MINUTES (18)
D: John Herzfeld
New Line/Industry/New Redemption/Tribeca (Nick Wechsler, Keith Addis, David Blocker & John Herzfeld)
USA 🇺🇸 2000
120 mins
W: John Herzfeld
DP: Jean Yves Escoffier
Ed: Steven Cohen
Mus: Anthony Marinelli & J. Peter Robinson

Robert DeNiro (Det. Eddie Flemming), Edward Burns (Jordan Warsaw), Kelsey Grammer (Robert Hawkins), Avery Brooks (Det. Leon Jackson), Melina Kanakaredes (Nicolette Karras), Karel Roden (Emil Slovak), Oleg Taktarov (Oleg Razgul), Vera Farmiga (Daphne Handlova), Charlize Theron (Rose Hearn)
This film's title is inspired by the Andy Warhol quote that everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame and plays out like an American thriller version of the Belgian black comedy, Man Bites Dog (qv).
Homicide detective Edward Flemming (DeNiro) & arson investigator Jordan Warsaw (Burns) put their heads together to solve a series of crimes where a pair of Eastern Europeans go on a killing spree, film their exploits and send the tapes in to a local news station. 
While the film isn't afraid to cause a major shock twist halfway through its proceedings, all the satirical value is lost in favour of a standard crime movie which, without its big star name, wouldn't have amounted to more than a TV one-off special. 
Entertaining enough for its duration, but it's like that everything about it will be forgotten a quarter of an hour later.

Edward Burns & Robert DeNiro in 15 Minutes
Edward Burns & Robert DeNiro in 15 Minutes