The Entity

D: Sidney J. Furie
20th Century Fox/Pelleport/American Cinema (Harold Schneider)
USA 🇺🇸 1981 (released 1982)
125 mins
W: Frank DeFelitta [based on his novel]
DP: Stephen H. Burum
Ed: Frank J. Urioste
Mus: Charles Bernstein
Barbara Hershey (Carla Moran), Ron Silver (Dr. Phil Sneiderman), David Labiosa (Billy Moran), George Coe (Dr. Weber), Jacqueline Brookes (Dr. Elizabeth Cooley)
Exorcist-like horror in which a woman is convinced that she's sexually assaulted by an invisible demon. 
A fine lead performance from Barbara Hershey and some creepy visual effects make it well worth watching for horror aficionados. The claims to be based on a true story are incredibly far-fetched.

Barbara Hershey in The Entity
Barbara Hershey in The Entity