Enemy Mine

D: Wolfgang Petersen
20th Century Fox/Kings Road (Stephen Friedman)
USA 🇺🇸 1985
108 mins
Science Fiction
W: Edward Khmara [based on a story by Barry Longyear]
DP: Tony Imi
Ed: Hannes Nikel
Mus: Maurice Jarre
PD: Rolf Zehetbauer
Dennis Quaid (Will Davidge), Louis Gossett, Jr. (Jeriba Shigan), Brion James (Stubbs), Richard Marcus (Arnold), Carolyn McCormick (Morse)
All talk, little action in this science fiction movie which doubles up as an allegory for racial tolerance.
A human space pilot and a lizard-like alien crash land on a distant planet and must set aside their differences for the sake of their own survival.
The film has some great makeup effects and good production values, but very little happens to justify a running time of 108 minutes. A good message is all but lost in space.
Dennis Quaid & Louis Gossett, Jr. in Enemy Mine
Dennis Quaid & Louis Gossett, Jr. in Enemy Mine