Minor league. Major friendship.
Minor league. Major friendship.
D: Bill Couturie
Universal/Longview (Rosalie Swedlin)
USA 🇺🇸 1996
94 mins
W: David Mickey Evans
DP: Alan Caso
Ed: Robert K. Lambert & Todd E. Miller 
Mus: Stephen D. Endelman
Matt LeBlanc (Jack Cooper), Jayne Brook (Lydia), Jack Warden (Chubb), Jay Caputo / Denise Cheshire (Ed)
It may be a kids movie, but that doesn't change the fact that it's stupid. Mind-numbingly stupid.
Joey Tribbiani from the TV sitcom Friends (aka Matt LeBlanc) plays a farmboy who's in his rookie season with a minor league baseball team. Another player on the team is a chimp who absurdly becomes the player of their season.
The rest is the usual sports cliche rags-to-riches stuff with jokes which fall flat.
I can deal with the dumb story, juvenile acting and an annoying animatronic ape, but the direction is incredibly bad, even for a terrible movie. It may have enough to entertain youngsters, but for everyone else it may struggle to hold interest. Only watch this if you really want to see a talented comedy actor slumming for a quick buck.
Matt LeBlanc (left) in Ed
Matt LeBlanc (left) in Ed