Earth Girls Are Easy

D: Julien Temple
20th Century Fox/DEG/Kestrel (Tony Garnett)
USA 🇺🇸 1988
100 mins
Comedy/Science Fiction/Musical
W: Julie Brown, Charlie Coffey & Terence McNally
DP: Oliver Stapleton
Ed: Richard Halsey
Mus: Nile Rodgers
PD: Dennis Gassner
Geena Davis (Valerie Gail), Jeff Goldblum (Mac), Jim Carrey (Whiploc), Damon Wayans (Zeebo), Julie Brown (Candy Pink), Michael McKean (Woody), Angelyne (herself)
A trio of aliens crash their spaceship into a valley girl's swimming pool and she falls in love with one of the extra-terrestrial beings. 
A campy cult hit which I just didn't 'get'. 
Is it supposed to be a satire of how superficial hollywood is? All I seemed to witness was 90 odd minutes of Geena Davis swanning around in tight swimsuits, Jeff Goldblum pouting a lot and Jim Carrey & Damon Wayans being generally annoying. There's a load of terrible 80's songs too. I just don't get the appeal of it at all.
Earth Girls Are Easy
Earth Girls Are Easy