The Dictator


D: Larry Charles

Paramount/Four By Two (Sacha Baron Cohen, Alec Berg, Anthony Hines, David Mandel, Scott Rudin, Jeff Schaffer & Todd Schulman)

UK/US 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 2012

83 mins


W: Sacha Baron Cohen, Alec Berg, David Mandel & Jeff Shaffer

DP: Lawrence Sher

Ed: Greg Hayden & Eric Kissack

Mus: Erran Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen (Gen. Aladeen / Efawadh), Anna Faris (Zoey), Jason Mantzoukas ("Nuclear" Nadal), Ben Kingsley (Tamir), Bobby Lee (Mr. Lao)

Following Borat and Brüno, Sacha Baron Cohen brings his usual sense of humour to poke fun at Middle Eastern politics in The Dictator, where he plays a caricature based upon several real life leaders such as Kim Jong-Il, Idi Amin & Colonel Gaddafi, amongst others.

When he is invited to the United Nations for a speech, nefarious dictator General Aladeen is kidnapped and replaced with a dim-witted imposter. Left to wander through New York City, Aladeen meets & falls in love with a social rights activist and his anti-Western sentiments change as a result.

The humour is as politically incorrect & silly as you'd expect, but there are a couple of moments which are quite funny. Unfortunately, it's nowhere near as good as Cohen's previous films and quite often just seems to want to add shock value for the sake of it.


Sacha Baron Cohen & Ben Kingsley in The Dictator
Sacha Baron Cohen & Ben Kingsley in The Dictator