Sometimes love can be a killer
Sometimes love can be a killer
D: Avi Nesher
ITC (Donald P. Borchers)
USA 🇺🇸 1993
100 mins
W: Avi Nesher
DP: Vance Newberry
Ed: Tatiana S. Riegel
Mus: Jan Kaczmarek
Drew Barrymore (Holly Gooding), George Newbern (Patrick Highsmith), Dennis Christopher (Dr. Heller), Leslie Hope (Elizabeth), Sally Kellerman (Sister Jan)

Drew Barrymore plays a young woman haunted by her lethal, ethereal double. Following her mother's death, she moves into a new apartment, shared with a budding writer who is confused by her seemingly schizophrenic behaviour.
This horror movie never really lives up to it's potential due to it's low-budget shackles, questionable performances and atrocious special effects makeup in the final act.
Not as bad as other horror films made around the same time, but it's not very good either.

Drew Barrymore in Doppelganger
Drew Barrymore in Doppelganger