Destination Moon

D: Irving Pichel
Universal (George Pal)
USA 🇺🇸 1950
91 mins

Science Fiction/Adventure

W: Rip Van Ronkel, James O'Hanlon & Robert Heinlein
DP: Lionel Lindon
Ed: Duke Goldstone
Mus: Leith Stevens
PD: Ernst Fegté

Warner Anderson (Dr. Charles Cargraves), John Archer (Jim Barnes), Tom Powers (General Thayer), Dick Wesson (Joe Sweeney)

Rocket failure leaves three astronauts stranded on the moon, where they realise they may have to make great sacrifices in order to return back to Earth.
Released 19 years prior to the real-life moon landing, Destination Moon is eerily realistic to the (then) futuristic events.
Though the special effects technically got the physical aspects of the moon surface and space travel correct, they have become incredibly dated after 60 years and the story is quite basic, but it's a decent space-adventure for its time and can be appreciated for historic value. 

Destination Moon
Destination Moon