Deep Rising

D: Stephen Sommers
Buena Vista/Hollywood Pictures (Laurence Mark & John Baldecchi)
USA 🇺🇸 1998
106 mins

Science Fiction/Horror

W: Stephen Sommers
DP: Howard Atherton
Ed: Bob Ducsay & John Wright
Mus: Jerry Goldsmith

Treat Williams (John Finnegan), Famke Janssen (Trillian St. James), Anthony Heald (Simon Canton), Kevin J. O'Connor (Joey Pantucci), Wes Studi (Hanover), Derrick O'Connor (Capt. Atherton), Jason Flemyng (Mulligan)

A decent B-movie mash-up of Alien, The Poseidon Adventure & Die Hard with octopus-like beasties attacking those aboard a ship in the South China seas.
It isn't that good, but then again, it isn't trying to be either and though the CGI creatures look rather terrible, the plot is tongue-in-cheek enough to let these technicalities pass by.

Deep Rising
Deep Rising