Deadly Pursuit

D: Roger Spottiswoode
Touchstone (Ron Silverman & Daniel Petrie, Jr.)
USA 🇺🇸 1988
110 mins


W: Harv Zimmel, Michael Burton & Daniel Petrie, Jr.
DP: Michael Chapman
Ed: Garth Craven & George Bowers
Mus: John Scott

Sidney Poitier (Warren Stantin), Tom Berenger (Jonathan Knox), Kirstie Alley (Sarah Renell), Clancy Brown (Steve), Richard Masur (Norman), Andrew Robinson (Harvey)

Sidney Poitier returns to the big screen full of energy following a foray into directing. He plays an FBI agent who tails a serial killer to the Rocky Mountains, where the homicidal maniac has infiltrated a fishing group, holding them hostage for safe passage.
Poitier, perilously out of his comfort zone has his own assistant in the form of mountain guide Tom Berenger, whose significant other is part of the fishing group.         
The middle act makes for a good addition to the man vs nature genre, with Poitier and Berenger making a unique action movie odd couple, and the set pieces provide some nail-biting tension.
Unfortunately, the film ends on a sour note with a rushed, poorly-written and cliche-ridden final showdown.

Sidney Poitier & Tom Berenger in Deadly Pursuit
Sidney Poitier & Tom Berenger in Deadly Pursuit