Deadly Blessing

Pray you're not blessed
Pray you're not blessed
D: Wes Craven
Polygram/Interplanetary (William Gilmore)
USA 🇺🇸 1981
102 mins


W: Glenn M. Benest, Matthew Barr & Wes Craven
DP: Robert Jessup
Ed: Robert Bracken
Mus: James Horner

Maren Jensen (Martha Schmidt), Sharon Stone (Lana Marcus), Susan Buckner (Vicky Anderson), Jeff East (John Schmidt), Ernest Borgnine (Isaiah Schmidt)

An unremarkable pre-Elm Street Wes Craven horror flick about a monastic Hittite sect in the Pennsylvania countryside and the murderous actions of a succubus who resides within, it's all rather silly and predictable, notable only for an early Sharon Stone performance and the unintentionally hilarious miscasting of Ernest Borgnine as a wild-eyed preacher. A fall from grace for a great actor.


Deadly Blessing
Deadly Blessing