Date Movie

D: Aaron Seltzer 
20th Century Fox (Paul Schiff & Jason Friedberg)
USA 🇺🇸 2006
83 mins


W: Aaron Seltzer & Jason Friedberg
DP: Shawn Maurer
Ed: Paul Hirsch
Mus: David Kitay

Alyson Hannigan (Julia Jones), Adam Campbell (Grant Fockyerdoder), Jennifer Coolidge (Roz Fockyerdoder), Fred Willard (Bernie Fockyerdoder), Tony Cox (Hitch), Carmen Electra (Anne)

If you like juvenile 'jokes' about farts, vomit and catshit then you'll probably find some of this puerile nonsense funny. Those who like some form of maturity from their comedies as a consequence of clever dialogue or extraordinary situations then you'll see this excuse for a movie for what it really is - pathetic. 

The film doesn't have any real story to go over, it just parodies a bunch of romantic comedies, mostly Meet The Parents, but it doesn't really parody or spoof... it vaguely references other movies but doesn't do anything different that's neither funny nor clever. 

Personally, if somebody made this our 'date movie', it would be our only one!


Date Movie
Date Movie